Pizzeria Di Mauro

Case history

Project: Pizzeria di Mauro
Category: Takeaway pizzeria
Location: Utiel (Valencia), Spain
Oem products: Voltaire
Year of installation: 2016


Pizzeria di Mauro in Valencia has been open for around twenty years but the current owner, Claudio Zamfir, took it over in June 2012. It is a successful takeaway pizzeria.

The request

  • Mr Zamfir needed a high-output oven to replace the old one that had been there since the premises first opened and was also an Oem.
  • Claudio works alone in the pizzeria: he takes orders, prepares the bases, bakes and gets the pizzas ready for delivery! He was therefore seeking a fast, high-performance, user-friendly oven.


The solution

  • As this is a major investment, before choosing, Claudio looked at and appraised various models of gas oven. Before making a final decision, he then came to Italy from Valencia with his dough balls in order to try the oven out for himself in the OEM showroom.
  • The challenge for OEM was to meet Claudio’s expectations by means of an in-depth comparison with the competition and a “field test”.
  • The oven selected, our Voltaire, meets Claudio’s needs to perfection as regards both output and the amount of space available (where the previous oven was located and which cannot be altered).
  • Voltaire is a gas oven with burners installed in the bedplate (underneath the baking stones) and dome. It guarantees optimum performance (thanks to the twin burners), user-friendliness, option of working with door open, separate power adjustment for each burner and operating temperatures of up to 500 °C.
  • Complete installation and assembly were carried out by CODAMA technical staff in just 3 hours!
  • Claudio produces around 35/40 pizzas per hour, a notable amount bearing in mind he works alone.
  • Claudio just loves his profession and considers the OEM oven a perfect partner: since it was installed, he has remarked on more than one occasion “estoy mas feliz trabajando”.


Products quoted 


Single-deck gas oven

All the power of gas for pizzas as if baked in a wood-fired oven!

Product sheet